National Model College for Advance Learning has begun B. Pharm Program since 2007 under the a ffi liation of IOM, Tribhuvan University with an aim to produce globally competent pharmacist. Bachelor of Pharmacy is a 4-year course to make one drug-expert. It is the discipline related to manufacturing, compounding and dispensing with necessary counseling regarding rational use of drugs. It is the profession that links health sciences with the molecular world. Pharmacists are the health care professionals who play central role in medication therapy management and are essential professionals of Patient-Pharmacist Physician triad. They are the only experts of every aspect of medicines (mechanism of action, uses, method of preparation and storage, drug interactions, adverse effects, etc.) and drug formulation and quality control. Thus, this program has targeted to fulfill such demands through research-oriented multidisciplinary subject.


To provide adequate educational background for rewarding career in pharmacy profession.

To enable students to make use of advance knowledge and critical thinking in generating innovative solutions.

To produce orientated managers, quality controller, formulators of drug researcher and administrator in pharmaceutical sector.


By the end of the Bachelor in Pharmacy course, students learn application of theoretical knowledge and develop practical skills through Clinical/Hospital, Regulatory, Industrial, Quality Control Laboratory and Retail Pharmacy trainings.
A Bachelor in Pharmacy graduate will be called a “Pharmacist” as per the Nepal Pharmacy Council Act 2057 with the following career possibilities:

1. Working in multi-professional health care teams involving biochemists, physiochemists, surgeons, microbiologists, physiologists etc., in research center.

2. Research in formulation of herbal arena, and development of Bulk Drug Industries.

3. Pharmacist O ffi cer for Regulatory authority, QC laboratories, Nursing Homes and Hospitals.

4. Research in newly developed sciences: onco-pharmacy, nuclear pharmacy, proteomics, bioinformatics and immune-pharmacology.

5. Can work in NGOs/INGOs of health sectors.

6. Can practice as licensed Pharmacist in countries like Canada, Australia, UK after taking their equivalency examinations etc.


The labs are equipped with Tablet hardness tester (Monsanto), PCR, Double-beam UV Visible Spectrophotometer, High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge, Autoclave, Freezer (-20°C), pH meter, Micropipettes, Incubators, Laminar fl ow, Electronic
Balance, Microscopes, Heating Block, Centrifuges, Hot plates with stirrer, Dissolution test apparatus, Disintegration test apparatus, 10-station compression machine, Double con blender, Water Bath Shakers etc. In addition, college
is well equipped with air conditioned tissue culture laboratory, library, seminar room and a computer laboratory with internet facility.


 All students must attend and take active participation in seminars organized by the college. Every semester, each student must present at least four research papers provided to him/her wit


College o ff ers scholarship to those students who have secured the highest mark in the undergraduate examination. Special discount is given to students of NIST education network. The partial scholarship will be given to those students
who have secured above 80% marks in the end semester examination. Each student must carry out a research project on given topic to complete this program. Potential student may receive research grants/support from NAST, UGC or other
foreign agencies. In this connection, college will explore possibilities and also provide necessary assistance to students


 Four years. 


 1. Development of various sustained release tablets/Mouth dissolving tablets etc.

2. Study of incidence and drug use patterns in common diseases like diabetes, asthma, stroke etc in hospitals within and outside the Kathmandu valley.

3. Pharmacogenetic, Phytochemical and Biological activity (anti-cancer) of some medicinal herbs.

        For the dissertation, the students will be provided with a topic which will be carried out under the guidance of teachers. The students should submit a thesis and defend it at a seminar.