National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST) is a well-known academic institution catering its best services in the fields of science and technology (S&T) via excellent teaching-learning and research activities. It has already achieved prominence as one of Nepal’s most innovative and enterprising educational institutions in the field of Bachelors’ and Masters’ degree level studies the various areas of S&T like Biotechnology, Food Technology, Pharmacy, Biochemistry and Microbiology. National College was established in 198 A.D. with an objective to pursue excellence in higher education in Science and Technology. Since then the College has been successfully established the programs of the public and national concerns and providing the morally upright, socially conscious and academically competent citizens. Along with the credited theoretical and experimental courses, college encourage students to go for higher level research activities as the laboratory facilities are sufficient to carry out them. Students from various Universities have been utilizing our laboratory facilities to carry out their Master level and Ph.D. level thesis work.

We hope to cater our best services in the fields of  S&T in years to come.