Message from Principal

NIST Colleges, namely, National College, National Model College for Advance Learning and National College of Food Science and Technology, collectively known as NIST Higher Education are the groundbreaking colleges in Nepal from the private sector. NIST Higher education, a group NIST institutions providing education in higher level in the field of Science, Technology and Management. It has been providing incomparable quality of knowledge and learning. The highly qualified, experienced, and proficient faculty members, academic environment conducive to learn, qualitative and reliable preparation methods and materials, multimedia-based classes are the standards of this institution. From the year of commencements, these colleges have left immense impact on the scientific community and served thousands of students so far.

We believe that the curriculum designed and implemented by the University is only the baseline for education. It further requires additional effort from the college/institution, faculty members and students collectively to meet the global standard. Beside quality teaching, we are dedicated to research, enhanced laboratory classes, project works, mini research projects, continued funded project-based research, national as well as international collaborative research and various guest lectures and seminars from reputed scholars from Nepal and abroad.
We are thankful to all the students who believed us and maintaining consolidated trust with us. Our products are our ambassadors. Our student Alumni is our quality mirror.

We are committed to sustained, research and project-based quality education at its best.

Thank you.

Dr. Jiba Raj Acharya, PhD


NIST Higher Education

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